Company Culture And Values

At Baiduri Dimensi, our staff is what makes our company shine. We believe our staff is our top asset and our success lies in how well we source, hire and retain the best people. We hire intelligent and motivated experts who take pride in and prioritize developing superior solutions for our clients.

Our company culture is a combination of values, the shared goals we work toward, and the effort we put toward those goals. Our culture is built on (and reinforced by) how we hire,  promote, train, and reward employees.

Customer first
We are oriented towards serving the client's needs, and measure customer-satisfaction levels in order to determine the success of their business.
Continuous Improvement
Improvement of processes and products that will lead to more sophisticated and overall more economically competitive offerings.
High Integrity
We find that high levels of integrity are positively correlated with good outcomes, in terms of higher productivity, profitability and better industrial relations.
Respect individual
Our goal is to respect employees and maintain a workplace where all employees can contribute to their full potential.
Safety First
Management is committed to the safety-first value and strive to make it integrated into every task and a shared value with employees.
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