Abdul Karim B. Mohammad
Abdul Karim B. Mohammad
General Manager


Educated in technical college and equipped with over 20 years of professional experience in port management operations with a high-volume dynamic port operational environment. Joined Baiduri in the year 2003, he has shown his professional and excellent service of handling port operations. In the year 2013 he has been appointed as Director of Zetavest Sdn Bhd.

Area of Responsibility

As Business Development & Port Operations General Manager, he is responsible for the smooth operations of the port and cargo operations. He works closely with regulatory authorities, port operations and personnel of shipping lines whilst managing resource allocation within the ports and monitoring expenditure.

He also oversees the implementation of workflow improvements that may enhance customer satisfaction and optimise resources.

Professional Experience

  • PK Multipurpose Terminal
    Operations Executive
    1998 - 2002