1. All visitors must register and obtain visitor gate pass from the Security. No one is allowed to enter the warehouse without any accompany from Baiduri Dimensi staff.
  2. All personnel who enter the warehouse must wear the required PPE (safety shoes/covered shoes, & vest). Slippers and sandals are strictly not allowed to be worn. Personnel who fail to comply with PPE requirement are not allowed to enter the warehouse.
  3. Smoking inside the warehouse is strictly prohibited. If caught smoking, strict action will be taken by the Management.
  4. Foods are not allowed inside the warehouse.
  5. During loading and unloading of cargo, driver must switch off the engine and stay outside the lorry until the loading and unloading process in finished. Drivers are not allowed to stay inside the lorry.
  6. Do not leave equipment (forklift, stacker, loading trucks) unattended while the engine is still on.
  7. Equipment must be parked at a proper designated place after finishing the operations.
  8. Please minimize the contact with cargo stored inside the warehouses especially those stored within the Dangerous Zone (Ammonium Nitrate). (For BD6)
  9. Report immediately any emergencies/accident/ hazardous condition that occur inside the warehouse to the Warehouse Supervisor.