Visit from UniKL Team

26 Sept 2019, Thursday, 10.00 am

A group of professionals, lecturers and higher management from UniKL pay a visit to Baiduri Dimensi to discuss on a very important project located in the northern region.

Dato’Sri Musa welcome the delegation and En Roslan as HR Director make a presentation to introduce Baiduri Dimensi to the delegates and showing what the company could offer in the future.

As one of the leading private Universities in Malaysia, UniKL keen to have a collaboration in logistic business and provide a real education experience to their students with experience from Baiduri Dimensi.

The group then shown a facilities around Westport & PKFZ. they were amaze with Baiduri Dimensi development with few warehouses already operational and more warehouses to build and fleet of trucks keep increasing.

The group left the tour with a smile in a face showing their satisfaction for choosing the right partner for their future projects.

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