Zetavest Sdn Bhd was established in 1992 and began its first handling operations as a port labour supplier (stevedores), when Westports berthed its first shipment MV.ZENO at break bulk terminal on 2nd November 1994.

Zetavest has secured a contract of supply stevedoring services and gears from Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd for over the years and still continuing its servicing in line with the growing demand in shipping industry that required modernized handling and a minimum berth stay.

Zetavest is equipped with specialized skilful workers and all type of gears plus equipment to handle all type of cargoes for the entire operations independently and efficiently.  Zetavest has a proven record of accomplishment for handling large volumes and increasing its capabilities to cater the growing demands of the Port and always put efforts on improvement and upgrading of its labour force to give the best quality. Customers are guaranteed in term of performance to show that Zetavest is capable in meeting up customer’s requirements all time.

Zetavest is currently providing the following services:-

Labour Services vast experience and expertise on handling various types of break bulk products. Handling methods on cargo is crucial and important in order to maintain cargo safeness.

  1. Supply of dock workers / gangs for ship loading and unloading operations. They are called as winch man, hatch man, wharf man and deck man
  2. Technical workers like Chief Foreman and normal Foreman
  3. General and skillful workers for warehouse or transit shed, handling cargo, stacking cargo, stuffing and unstuffing and value added activities such as labelling, repacking, rearranging and assembling cargo
  4. Handling of machineries, project cargo and heavy lift

 Gears Supply

  1. Provide all type of gears and equipment for cargo handling including special design gears for ship operation and warehouse, gears for heavy lift, machineries and handling containers.
  2. Type of gears such as rope sling, wire sling, spreader sling, chain sling, shackles webbing sling and many more